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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why I love....

One of my best friends asked me today why I wanted to write a book?
          My response was shorter than I wanted it to be, but ultimately it has been motivation from some of the Indie Authors I have been reading lately. Seeing many of my favorite books become novels via the self-publishing world of the ebook. Seeing the books that I love turn into New York Times Bestsellers, watching many of them realize a dream because of people like me buying, reading and reviewing their books.
          She proceeded to ask me, what happens if your book does not have the same success?
          Well, my answer to that was simple. I expect my book to fail, but it wont stop me from trying, it wont stop me from putting a story that I believe in to print. I also believe and know even, that many of the writers that I enjoy on a regular basis have had the same struggles with their own works. In fact, Tina Reber is stated on her Facebook page as saying that she struggled with allowing her dream to become reality. Because she took the plunge and took a chance she is realizing her dreams and is being published by Atria. Tina is the Author of one of my favorite self published books, "Love Unscripted".

         On that note... Why do I love "Love Unscripted"?
Well, that is a question that cannot be easily answered because there are way to many elements to this story that keep me going back to it again and again. The first thing that keeps me going is that the story is an amazing love story between Tarin and Ryan. Taryn is the owner of a local pub where she meets Ryan, an actor, that is in town filming his latest movie. The first impression of Ryan that I received was that of someone such as Robert Pattinson in the world of Hollywood. Whether or not that was Tina's inspiration for her story is one of the many questions that I would love to ask Tina if I were ever given the chance to do so. Regardless of that, I enjoyed the fact that throughout the entire book you managed to forget the little things, like Ryan's fame. Tarin being a just a woman trying to make a living. The book says to me that it does not matter who you love, loving someone means you love them for who they are, not in their bank account, their fame, or even their lack there of. Most of all, I love the challenges that Taryn and Ryan face with his fame. The paparazzi and bad headlines. People purposefully out to destroy their relationship and no matter what they seem to find a way through it all.
I do not want to give away spoilers, I want people to read it for themselves.
         If you are looking for a wonderful story that will keep you entertained for hours of great entertainment "Love Unscripted" is a great book to read. Oh and guess what... "Love Unrehearsed" (book two) will be released on Sept. 14th via Amazon and other ebook formats. LU2 is available for pre-order here.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine.

On that note, I end my musings for tonight. I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to leave a comment, or find me on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned.. I have some more interesting book reviews...In the mean time.. Need some more books to read?

"The Marriage Bargain" By Jennifer Probst

"The Druid Breeders" By Marata Eros (The link will take you to Marata's Author page on Amazon)

"The Billionaire's Beck and Call Series" By Delilah Fawkes 

"Anything He Wants" Series by Sara Fawkes I also really enjoyed "Back in the Grove" By Sara and look forward to reading more from this story, should she continue the story.

"For His Pleasure" Series by Kelly Favor

Those should keep you busy for a while. I will be adding more books, series and Authors in the blog posts that follow. Including Coleen Hoover, Sylvain Reynard, Shoshanna Evers, Jamie McGuire, Cherrie Lynn, and of course the self-published author that has inspired them all...E.L. James!

Until we meet again!


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