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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some Midday Thoughts....

The following article has inspired this post, as well as a Twitter post.

Sylvain Reynard article seen here.

My apologies if the link does not work. This is my first time using the mobile version of Blogger.

I commend Sylvain on his/her choice of anonymity. He or She, as it is unclear which, has a choice on how they want to be presented to the world. All that really matters is the finished product and what that product represents.

Sylvain can be James Patterson for all I care personally. Pen names are nothing new in the world of Authors and will forever be how many authors continue to write and many Authors remain in name only because most Authors tend to be shy or unwilling to be involved in the public spotlight and they are entitled to that.

As far as the six figure book deal is concerned, what is wrong with an Author earning 6 figures on a book that has already proven its worth by maintaining ebook sales and best seller status? 6 Figures is a lot of money, whether it is $100,000 or $999,999. When you consider Sylvain's books are $15.00 each, with a million copies on the market, that's $15 million dollars in one release provided all 1 million books sell, 6 figures is pennies in comparison.

Who knows, maybe Sylvain is just a good negotiator...

Ok, I think I have managed to say my peace on this subject.

Thank you Sylvain for such wonderful books and I look forward to more from you.

Until we meet again,

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