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Saturday, September 29, 2012

When Life Keeps You Busy!!

Hey Guys,
     Today is finally Saturday and I have spent this last week wholly engulfed in work and in life.
The book has only managed about 3k in words since last weekend, and last weekend did not allow for much book attention.
     At the beginning of the week, when I had finally tied my two parts together I thought for sure it was going to be the end of book one, and boy was I wrong. I realized that there was way to much to tell in my story and that I needed to be able to continue, at least at this point. So with that being said, I am back, hot on the writing trail, at least until Tuesday when I will be consumed by two long awaited book releases.

     Speaking of book releases, I now have a new GoodReads profile and you can find and follow me here. My GoodReads profile is a work in progress but you can see many of the wonderful books that I have read, want to read and that I am currently reading. Many of which will come with wonderful book recommendations because I truly only believe in reviewing the books that I truly enjoy.

     I tend to be a bit of an optimist and try not to dwell to much on the things that I don't like or don't enjoy. I have read an enormous pile of books over the last few months and many of which are not entirely worth my time to have read them, let alone to review them, so I don't. Reviews that are both good and bad are definitely needed and feedback is always warranted on books, but books that I personally feel are bad, or not of good standing in my mind do not always need yet another bad review.

     One of the biggest things that will get me to stop reading a book, especially a self published book is the authors lack of enthusiasm for their own work that they conveniently forget to edit their works before hitting the publish button on Amazon. I personally am the type of reader that enjoys a book that flows flawlessly and does not require me to concentrate hard on what it is that was written.
     Now on the defense of self published authors, most of them do not have someone that will edit their works on their behalf and sometimes the desire to see their work succeed is so overwhelming that they don't think to review all of what they have done and make the necessary corrections.Editing a painstaking process and it is sometimes hard to get into your own writing, you wrote the story so you know how it ends.
     Now, please do not confuse or assume that I am pretentious and that I will immediately disregard books with spelling and grammatical errors for this reason. It simply means that the more difficult it is for me to follow the book, the harder it is for me to truly enjoy the story because that is far from the case, it just makes them harder to read and the more errors, than the less likely I am to finish it.
     I must also add that originality is KEY! Nothing bothers me more than a book that has potential to be great but it is overwhelmed by the corniness of character and location names. I once read a book that was filled by such a great story and the writing was good and kept me engrossed but I laughed at the character and location names as they were named after various names of the buttons on a computer keyboard. Bottom line is, if you are creative enough to come up with a story as good as that, than simply use a baby names website and pick some realistic names to remove the corniness and make a better story for your readers. Then again, I have read this short story more than a few times, so I got over the corniness of it.

     Okay, sure as I write this blog lets hope that I take my own advice with my own book. Currently I have one editor lined up, who is a friend of mine and who can be brutally honest at time. I have another tentative editor or at least a reader/reviewer and I am currently in the market for at least one more person to review the book and provide me with a detailed honest opinion of how they think my story stacks up. When the books primary edits are complete is when I will be looking for that person. So stick around and stay tuned for more on your chance to become my Beta's Beta!

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Until we meet again, my warmest regards,

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