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Sunday, February 10, 2013

*Taps Microphone* He..Hello....

Is this thing on? Can anyone hear me? Oh cool, now that I have your attention, I have a very special announcement to make.
But first, today was a highly productive day. I got Day One of line editing sent off to my wonderful Editor Sione Aeschliman (find her here.) 
I spent the rest of my day working on my new organization and some edits, and even managed another 1K words. So all in all, VERY productive. 

So, now I bet you're most anxious for that sUpEr SPECIAL Announcement...right? If not, then just say you are so that I can get on with it. :-P! Oh and there is a nice lengthy snippet at the end of this special announcement so stay tuned...

First of ALL, my Manuscript finally has an OFFICIAL Title...ARE you READY?

Finding Love's Wings 
By Zoey Derrick

Now that you have the official title..What about a release date?

Oh, I think we can handle that one.. How about May 2013? That's right May 2013 you will see Finding Love's Wings on e-readers EVERYWHERE!

So Stay Tuned....There is more news to come. 

 Snippet from Finding Love's Wings!
Please note..the following snippet is subject to change at any time.

Eventually I managed to fall asleep and woke-up around six, showered and dressed in a tank top, button-up dress shirt, jeans and sneakers. I went downstairs and grabbed a cab and made my way to the cemetery.
After asking the cab driver to wait for me, I made my way to Bobbie and Evelyn’s grave. As I approach their headstone my anger grows to uncontrollable proportions. So much so that I walk up and kick Bobbie's name. “Owe! Owe! Damn it.” I fall to the ground, sobbing. “I hate you, you son of bitch! Why did you do this to me? I don’t understand. If you never wanted kids, why the fuck did you have them? Because, believe me, right now, I’m sure I would be better off.” The tears were so overwhelming and I couldn’t speak anymore.
I have never understood why my parents saw fit to let us be raised the way that we were. Why we never had parents, but house staff and student guardians at school to take care of us.
“Because of you, I’m dead on the inside. I can’t love or be loved. You’ve taken away anyone I’ve ever loved or felt loved by.”  I continued to sob.
My anger quickly turned to loneliness and isolation.
I sat out here in the warmth of the California sun for what felt like forever. I’m sitting with my knees pulled up to my chest and my arms wrapped tightly around my legs, starring at the grave of my father. It was only a year ago that we buried him here.
That fateful Sunday at the end of May, last year, I received a phone call from the only person with which I had any real connection to Bobbie, telling me that my father had passed away of a heart attack. It was not until then that I started to realize the weight of the anger I felt towards him. It was not until today, sitting near his headstone, that I realized, despite all his God-awful flaws, that I really do miss him.
We were never father and daughter, it was more like ward and warden, because he was always cold and unyielding when it came to expressions of love.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that maybe it wasn’t all Bobbie’s doing. At least telling myself that I was partly to blame helped ease the guilt that had built up in the months following his death. A guilt that eludes me in this moment. I’m so angry at the fact that I feel so lost and I have no one to turn to.
After a few more minutes the cab driver approached me. “Ma’am, we need to go if you want to make your meeting.”
I wipe the tears from my eyes and turn to him. “I’ll be right there.” I stood, starring at the headstone.

Robert A. And Evelyn C. Enders
Devoted Husband and Wife
Feb. 18th, 1956 - May 29th, 2011 & Apr. 8th, 1960 - Apr. 28th, 2002

I slowly backed away from the grave, refusing to pull my eyes away. As much as I wanted to hate him and be angry with him, which is easy to do, it’s no use as I’m yelling at a bronze colored headstone.

Until we meet again, 

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