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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Very Special...

Hi Everyone,
I know it is has been a hot minute since I have posted anything new and for that, I apologize. I'm Sorry and I will try my hardest to do better. :-)

I have been deep into the editing process of my upcoming MS and I have been working hand in hand with my wonderfully talented editor Sione Aeschliman (Twitter / Blog) on Draft Two, which I am happy to report is DONE. Sione and I spent nearly 2 hours on Skype today, deep in discussion regarding some much needed changes. She also spent a good deal of time making my head swell in delight at many of the things she had to say. So, with this being said, tomorrow I dive into Draft #3 with gusto and a stern determination at having it completed by Feb. 11th, 2013.
Once Sione and I have finalized a title, I will get the release date information out to everyone. It's soon, I promise.

Also, for those of you visiting my site that have been here before, my blog has undergone some major renovations. These changes are thanks to the wonderful, awesome and talented Bobby Salomons of The Severed Limb Movement and @D2DBooks. Bobby is the mastermind behind the wonderful blog header, as well as my Twitter page. So this blog post is a Very Special Thank You to Bobby. My gratitude knows no bounds and every time I see my Twitter page or my blog, it brings a great smile to my face. So THANK YOU BOBBY!

If you are not already following Bobby on Twitter, or even his blog, I highly recommend doing so. He is a great person, and a wonderful friend. *Big HUGE Fat HUGS*

Stay tuned for more fun and exciting adventures.

As February and the big V-Day approach, my wonderful Friends over at Deadly Ever After will be featuring some hot and steamy romance short stories. I know of a few of the authors that will be participating, myself included. Make sure you stick around because I am submitting another fun installment to "Devilish Desires" (Originally featured here.) I have been told by the Fabulous Mari Wells (Twitter / Blog) that Ice is a requirement when reading my stories.

So, with that being said, I am going to bid you all a fabulous Good Night!

Until we meet again,




  1. Thank you for mentioning me.
    It is true, ICE is a requirement. Future readers Keep ICE nearby!

  2. Lookin all kinds or HOT!!! Love it! Bobby has some skills! xxoo

  3. Yes he does would love for a blog make over i might check him out. Zoey looking forward to reading your book and holding you to finishing that hot little snippet you did to. your so talented.

  4. Definitely Crystal, when you're ready for some new work, get in touch with him. He is good at what he does. <3


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