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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Better yet, where have I been? 
Well, let me tell you....
I recently got in touch with the wonderful Sione Aeschliman for some much needed feedback on the Big Bad Manuscript I have been writing. Through her wonderful sample edit, I quickly realized that her and I were on the same page when it come to my story. Not to mention the fact that she challenged me to answer questions that I did not realize I needed to answer out loud when it came to my story. 
After spending an hour on Skype with her, I hired her assistance for some developmental editing of my Work In Progress. 
In speaking with her, I realized that while I absolutely adore my two beta readers/best friends and their opinions on what I have written, I needed to know what you, my audience, were going to feel reading my story without a bias opinion. Sione has been heaven sent and has really helped me to be increasingly more motivated to finish my story. So I have been lost in the world of editing a 400+ page manuscript. 

Because I know you are curious, here is a snippet of one of Sione's favorite lines from my story...

The following comes from a portion of the book where Cami (heroine) is coming to understand a bit of her lustful attraction to Tristan (hero). There is no conversation here, just simply Cami's brain at work. 

Yes ok I have been starring at his face and his eyes for years, feeling a connection with him that I cannot even begin to describe. A connection through pictures. Yup...its official, I have lost my marbles. All of them, there is not even a hint of a rattle in my brain right now.

When I wrote my MS I was concerned that the attraction that Cami felt for Tristan would be lost on people, so when Sione favorited this line I was jumping up and down for joy. 

So there you have it guys, a small little piece of what I have in the works at the moment. 


Now, this is not the only thing I have been busy with. 
The Fabulous Undead Duo over at asked me a few weeks ago to submit a short story for their Holiday Horrordays Blog event. 
When I was asked to submit a story I was extremely hesitant because they were asking me for something that I have never written, or never envisioned myself writing. Horror, or as my end result so happened to be, Paranormal. 
If you have not been over to their site to check out my story, please do so and don't hesitate to leave a comment for me, or you can leave one here as well. 

On the note of Devilish Desire (click to read)... The beautiful Shoshanna Evers (@shoshannaevers) posted up a request for someone to do a writing sprint with her and I stepped up to the challenge (and yes she beat me, but no worries, I am far from a sore loser). I stepped up, wanting to write but unsure of what to write, so I opened up Devilish Desire and I started pounding away on the keys and low and behold Devilish Desire has stretched into about 3k words and I do believe it intends to grow bigger. 

I have shared the story with the Undead Duo and they are both very excited at what as been added and I broached the subject of featuring the story via their blog. Will keep you all posted as to what happens with that little project. If nothing else it is helping me break up my editing a bit. 


Stay Tuned on Wednesday December 19th, 2012 as I will be posting my portion of "The Next Big Thing" Blog Event. I hope to see you all here on Wednesday. 

You might just get another excerpt from "Love Burning".

As always, I hope this post finds you all well, 



  1. Is your Tristan famous?


  2. Hey Kristen,
    He is.
    Sione may or may not agree with me, however, his fame is not the focal point of the story. It is a shaping to who he is and it plays a little role, but at least in book one, it is minor.


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