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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Everyone!

As I reflect back on 2012, I remember all the things that have happened. The good, the bad and the ugly. This year was by far better than 2011 and for that I am very thankful.

I spent this year with my nose in books and my fingers clicking away on a keyboard typing a book. I have spent this year growing as a person and even turned 30 in there somewhere. If you would have asked me a year ago where I saw myself on New Year's Eve 2012-2013 I would have said sitting around watching T.V. or playing World of Warcraft, which by all accounts is VERY UNEXCITING!

In May I embarked on a book that would lead me to be introduced to the wonderful world of the Indie and Self-Published Authors and their wonderful stories. If you have paid any attention to my blog, you know that I have made a habit out of reading and sharing my favorites with you all. Lately the list has grown stale as I embark on my own writing adventure.

Tonight I will keep my New Year's Wishes short as I am on a self-imposed deadline to have draft two off to my fabulous editor Sione Aeschliman. (On a side note, as a new author, who is unrepresented, I have found great comfort in having Sione at my side. She is there to read my emails when I am babbling like an idiot, or stuck on an idea or even to provide unbiased feedback on my MS. Without her, I probably would have given up on the whole institution of writing.) If you are an Author, just getting started on your own dream of writing, then I recommend seeking out an editor. I personally recommend Sione because her and I work very well together but editors are there to support you and to help guide you, not redirect your entire dream, so if you are seeking an editor, shop around and take advantage of their free services, such as a sample edit. Getting that Sample Edit means you can see what this person is thinking and or feels and see if your two visions come together. If they do and you feel comfortable with that person, discuss what options you may have available because you never know, it could make that project that much better.

Okay, so with that being said, I am off to Write and to Edit.

I hope 2013 brings you all your dreams, fantasies and even realities that you are seeking and that you have a Wonderful and Safe New Year!

Many Hugs, Kisses, and Wishes.


Want a New Year's Eve Treat? A sexy excerpt perhaps?

*Please note, this excerpt is subject to change and contains language and sexual content not suitable for anyone under the age of 18*

Her breathing spiked. I could feel her heart pounding waiting against my hands, wanting me to continue. I continued the path my hands were making. Slowly I made my way up to her shoulders, her neck, her cheeks. Cupping her face. I bent down and brought my lips to hers. Pulling her against me. I wanted her close to my body, as close as was humanly possible. She kissed me back, urgent and excited. I could hardly breathe. She was literally taking my breath away. Just then, I felt her hands on my hips. Searching for,.. ah she found it, the hem of my shirt. She started to lift it up as I continued kissing her, but stepped back. I was nearly a full foot taller than she was, so I was trying to help her remove my shirt. She continued to pull upward until she met the resistance of my arms. I smiled against her lips. “Did you want to take off my shirt?” 
She giggled, but her giggle was hot and heavy, panting. “Yes” she breathed. I pulled back, raised up my arms and off went my shirt. She immediately dropped it to the floor and took a half step back to take in the full view of the dragon on my chest. Then she realized that my nipples were actually pierced with studs that were hard to see last night. Her hands met my shoulders, bringing them down my pecks, she found my nipples with her thumbs and rubbed lightly. Ah, my God, that...Jesus. “Ah!” I grabbed at her hips. Pulled her close. Her nipples pressed against my stomach, hard as a diamonds. My cock twitched, involuntary. God I want her. I want her so bad. But I need to stop this. I can’t....


  1. Awesome Zoey. Looking forward to the book.

  2. Wowza Z!!! I'm with Crystal!! CAN NOT WAIT!!! Good work lovely!! Xx

  3. That scene was fun to write & I was happy to share. I'm very glad you both enjoyed. Now that the holidays are at an end, the next snippet will be a while, but longer & worth the wait. :-*


  4. Wow... Now I want more! Writer faster woman, write faster! *please... begins to beg on knees and groveling...*

  5. Thanks for making me blush Darker Half - Im writing as quickly as I can - actually editing more than writing at the moment :-D!
    Thanks for the inspiration :-)!

  6. Love your new look! Did you change your twitter and facebook image too?

  7. Thanks Mari, I am going to play around with it a little bit more, but for now I think it works well. Bobbie was kind enough to supply me with transparent images as well as black background and it was so much fun updating Twitter, Facebook and my blog.
    More to come though :-D



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