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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Give Me Reason.... Teaser!

OHEHMGHEE!! I cannot wait to share this book with you.. let alone the cover! So I thought tonight.. In honor of the Two Week Countdown to the Cover Reveal for Give Me Reason, I wanted to share with you an exclusive teaser...

Please keep in mind - This is an excerpt that is either unedited or may be altered prior to final publication.

©2013 - Zoey Derrick, All Rights Reserved. 
"When was the last time you ate?" A male voice says from behind me.
I jump, stop breathing and then try to sink further into the wall.
Without turning to look at him I mumble, "Uh, last night, with you."
Suddenly an arm reaches out for the panel in front of me. He presses stop and then the button with a phone on it.
A disembodied voice comes on the line. "Yes, Sir?"
"Redirect us to skyway level, please."
I huff.
"Yes, Sir."
There are a couple of clicks, and the elevator starts to descend again. I'm still not looking at him.
"Why, what is so damn important about feeding me?" I try to growl and sound irritated, but the mention of food has made me hungry. Then again, I'm almost always hungry. But there’s no way I’m accepting more charity from him. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to give him his money back. Then I can leave via the skyway system and grab a bus back towards my apartment. It’ll give me time to eat a hot dog, since it's still hours before I have to be at work.
"It's important to me because eating is healthy, and I don't like the way you look."
"Gah!" I exclaim. "Are you kidding me? What difference does it make to you what I look like. You’re some random customer who’s come into my diner for the last couple of nights. So what if I'm a little thin, that's my business and none of yours." I look up, trying to see how long until we reach skyway level. I’m eager to get out of this conversation. We are still only in the twenties, and the skyway is on level two or three. Dammit.
I hear him sigh in frustration. "Because people, especially you, should not go without food."
Me? "What is so damn special about me?” I ask aloud. “For all you know I'm some random drug addict..."
"I know that's not the case." He cuts me off.

I really hope you enjoyed this teaser and are just as excited as I am about Give Me Reason's Release Coming in September. 

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Stop back next week for another small teaser prior to the Cover Reveal on 09/03/2013

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Hope to see you all back here again! 

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