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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Dear Readers...

Tonight I was very indirectly reminded of a few things that I'd never forgotten but that had taken a back burner to all the madness that has been going on.

I was reminded of where this all started...

About a year ago, I returned home from a weekend getaway in Minneapolis - my forever and always home town - and upon returning from spending a great weekend with old friends I got this harebrained idea that I should write a book. So I did. I started writing out the things that came to mind.

Then in August I began this blog, joined Twitter - for the first time ever - and joined Facebook under my nom de plume of Zoey Derrick. I started off by liking and following the Authors that I'd discovered over the course of my own reading adventures. Eventually I started coming out of my shell and started to tell people that I was writing a book and in doing so I met some of the greatest people I could have ever hoped to meet.

First came the lovely and luscious Shoshanna Evers and gorgeous Jennifer Probst. (Seriously people, these are two of the most interactive Authors you will see on social media.) Shoshanna's muse and mine would disappear together - or at least that was the excuse I made when mine would go missing because he always seemed to come back naked. Jennifer inspired me with her personality and the little things, like sending my Grandma a book because she loved The Marriage Bargain.

The list I followed quickly grew to include the Beautiful Marata Eros (a.k.a. Tamara Rose Blodgett) who I fell in love with because of her Druid Breeders series. Marata always had something funny to say and through replies and faves and reTweets on Twitter I met the Girls that hold my heart together with their constant love and support. AussieGirl and CrystalRant.

If it had not been for Angie (a.k.a. AussieGirl's Book Lover Blog) and Crystal (Crystal's Random Thoughts) I would not have been able to accomplish the completion and publishing of Finding Love's Wings. 
Everyday they pushed me, inspired me, and drove me to write and write some more. When it came time to reveal Olivia's amazing cover for Finding Love's Wings - Crystal was there, ready and willing at practically a moments notice, to post it to all her followers. And my dearest Angie made me cry the same day, a couple of times.
The first time was while reading her heartfelt and amazing 4 Star Review of Finding Love's Wings. I was OVER THE MOON that day, and every time I re-read that review my eyes well up and I smile really big.

Without Angie and Crystal's urging and pushing me, THIS

Would not have happened!!! Do you see it? The Rank? That's right baby #4302 on the Amazon Rankings.

So you see, the moral of this post is this.... Though I might not always reply to posts or emails, I see and read everything EVERY ONE OF YOU HAS TO SAY! And your words of love for Tristan, for Cami, Tattoos, Piercings, me and my writing continues to push me further into my career as an Author.

So Please... Please.. Keep the reviews, the comments, the emails, the Posts and the Tweets coming.


Now there is one other person I want to mention.. Michelle, before I started this post, I went back and read all my comments, and you, my dear, are AMAZING! Did you know that your words of adoration for Tristan and Cami has inspired a whole new realm of characters and stories. You were the very first person to read, review and completely SQWEE over my story? XXOO! Huge Hugs Girl, Thank you!

I know i've left a few people off of this post. Many of those that I owe deep thanks (including Angie and Crystal) were listed in the Acknowledgements of Finding Love's Wings.

To Everyone that has written a review of Finding Love's Wings, whether it was bad, so-so, good, best, or greatest I completely HEART every single one of you.

So Spread The Word.. Tell your friends!



  1. Gall that's awesome that you'd think so highly of me, Zoe! <3 Really... all of us who began indie really understand where new writers are coming from. A little love, humor and support goes a long way!

    :D thank you for lifting me up when I needed it. Btw, you named a few of my faves too ;)

  2. Thank you for mentioning me. You really made my day when I read your post. I cannot wait to read about the characters I've inspired. As I said in my email to you I'm here anytime you need and I truly cannot wait to see what you come up with next. As always you rock and keep up the fantastic writing. :)

  3. Zoey, OMG i was in tears when i read this...... I heart you so much because you supported me an my blog and all top of all that you are such an amazing person. I felt like i could connect with you because you get it, you totally get it. You Marata, Angie, Ronin were so amazing that i am just so happy to know you all. You gals feel like family to me and I will always lend my support to anything your working on.


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