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Monday, June 24, 2013

RBTL Presents Finding Love's Wings...

On Monday, June 17th, 2013 Read Between The Lines kicked off a fabulous Blog Tour showcasing all things Finding Love's Wings. Everything from blurbs, to interviews, to reviews.

Here are the links to all the sites that displayed Finding Love's Wings broken down by reviews, interviews, and spotlights.

Read Between The Lines:
4.5 out of 5 Rose (Star) Review by the lovely Anna. Should I mention here that Anna's original review quoted 4 Roses vs. 4.5 because Tristan caused his first OFFICIAL BookBoyfriendHangover for the lovely Anna so she updated her review to 4.5 Stars. 
"I found myself drawn to this book turning page after page wanting more and more of Tristan myself. Zoey has created amazing, true to life characters with amazing description. A Fantastic Debut Novel that will leave you wanting more."

5 out of 5 Star Review by the Lovely Tammy! 
"This book blew me away. True love is so difficult to find. Soul Mates are even more rare. But that love will endure through thick and thin. The story of Cameron "Cami" and Tristan begins with betrayal and deceit and ends with a glorious love story."

Autum, on Goodreads, rated it 3 out of 5 Stars. 
"Slowly or quickly depending on how you look at it they open up to each other and start to really develop something real. And there was a nice amount of steamy as well."

Tiffany has not provided a star rating, but she did provide a very nice review. 
"This was a quick, easy to read hot little romance. I absolutely loved the descriptions of the tattoos and other body art and how each character feels about them, why they got them, etc. I liked that both characters are coming at one another with similar issues, baggage, and financial status. While she has more than Tristan, it isn't a rich lover poor lover story, which can get old. I don't care if the "escape to a tropical island and fall in love with someone within a week" is used often. What matters is if it's used well! And this was an enjoyable, modern romance that fit that bill nicely!"

4 out of 5 Hearts by the Fabulous Crystal. 
"This book was quite the page-turner for me I couldn’t seem to put it down. I was drawn into the book by the authors writing style and her creativity of her characters. The character were unique, which was a pleasant surprise because some times when you read book you feel like your reading the same story just written by a different author but you don’t get that from Finding Loves Wings." 

Interview Stops:

This interview was so much fun. I love how Jeanie always manages to make me think about my answers and challenges me to open up about me and my writing. Thanks Jeanie for all your fabulous questions and for showcasing me on your Blog. 

All Blog Tour Stops: 

And, last but not least RBTL's is hosting a Signed Paperback contest for Finding Love's Wings. 

Stop by any of the sites listed above for rules and entry into the contest. Not all sites are participating in the giveaway. 

I want to thank Anna for arranging this fabulous tour and for all of the bloggers that participated, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 

I hope you all enjoy the tour and I look forward to your feedback after reading Finding Love's Wings. 

You can pick up your e-Book copy of Finding Love's Wings on Amazon



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