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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fifty Shades of Steele?

Edited Oct. 8, 2012 with a very heavy heart. 

I wrote this blog post to kick start some conversation as to why I think E.L. James should continue the Fifty Shades Trilogy with Christian's point of view, and also the flip side to what writing from his perspective would mean to me. Once the blog was posted and I went to share it with my faithful Twitter followers and tag Ms. James so she could see a diehard fans perspective I discovered that I was no longer following Ms. James and when I went to re-follow her I was informed that I was blocked by the user from re-following her. 
I am a sensible girl and would like to think that Ms. James blocked me in error, however, this was the second time I needed to click follow in order to follow her and now I am unable to at all. 
This breaks my heart because I am a HUGE lover of the Fifty Shades Trilogy and what Ms. James has accomplished with this wonderful story. So much so that I personally own the eBook edition, 2 paperback copies of all three books, the audible versions and have purchased and gifted more than 7 copies of the series to my friends in Paperback and have gifted more than 10 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey in eBook format. 
Beyond that, I own the entire playlist listed on her website and the classical music inspired by Fifty Shades. 
Beyond this, I do what I can, where I can to support all of my favorite self published Authors via my blog as well as Twitter and my Facebook page. 
Not to mention that what she has done with Fifty and where this story originated is what has inspired me to follow my dream and complete my own book. 
So please forgive me if my being upset is unnecessary, but nothing like being shunned by what you have fought to support. 

What saddens me the most is that I have a wonderful Kindlegraph from Ms. James that says...
"Hi Zoey, Thank you for your lovely note. I am delighted you enjoyed Fifty and Ana's escapades, and that you have found them so inspiring. Laters baby. E L James

****** WARNING: This Blog post contains spoilers of E. L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Consider yourself warned and if you have not read the books and want to, do not continue reading this post, plus having not read the books, this post might not make sense ******

     I have had Christian Grey on my mind for days. Okay I won't lie, months would be more accurate, but this morning I started to think about a reverse point of view and reading all Three Fifty books from Christian's head and I have decided that I have mixed feelings about it for a variety of reasons. 

     Now, you can chose to agree or disagree with me, either way, this is my opinion. :-)!

Why do I want to read Christian's POV?
#1. A lot of the unknown. There are specific parts that I want to read to really know what is going through his head.
#2. What causes his possessiveness. Why does he feel the overwhelming need to protect Ana even after she has proven her ability to handle herself?
#3. I personal am curious about the business side of Christian. 
#4. I am truly a sucker for a broken man.

Here are the parts I want to see from Christian Grey's point of view:
****** Fifty Shades of Grey ******
     A. All of Chapters 7, 8, & 9. Including Ana's viewing of the "Red Room of Pain", when Christian discovers her virginity and his verson of taking her virginity.
     B. The Contract Dinner, Graduation and The first night he stays with Ana in her apartment.
     C. Dinner with Mrs. R and his decision to go to Georgia, then seeing Ana and her Mom in the bar.
     D. Thomas Tallis (Don't think I need to explain why, do I?)
     E. The Belt and it's aftermath.

****** Fifty Shades Darker ******
Given that Fifty Shades Darker is by far my favorite book of the three, it's a pretty safe bet that this entire book would be amazing from Christian's POV. However, there are a few parts that would satisfy my cravings for Christian's POV more than others.
     A. The "Break Up" period. How much agony was he really in?
     B. The conversation with Mrs. R in the salon.
     C. The Charity Dinner, especially Ana's bid and the first dance auction.
     D. Tuesday night and Layla in Ana's apartment.
     E. Christian's submission to Ana after Layla is taken care of.
     F. The Elevator. Do I need to explain why?
     G. Charlie Tango and every page to the end of Fifty Shades Darker.

****** Fifty Shades Freed ******
     Freed is not one of my favorites for roughly the first half. Yes, I LoVe that they got married and are on their Honeymoon. However, I feel that the emotional aspect is on a down low and that they both seem pretty open about their feelings for one another. However, this goes back to the overall question of Christian's possessiveness. 
     Beyond the beginning I would LOVE to have Christian's POV from the moment Ana tells him about the baby until the end. It's one of those must know unknowns.

Now for the flipside. 
Why I don't want a flip POV?
     Honestly, I think that though Christian has some pretty dark secrets, everything gets explained pretty clearly by the end. You know more about Christian as a child and you know more about Mrs. R and the history there. Christian's secrets are pretty well revealed during course of the books.
     Sure I want to know his emotional turmoil regarding Ana and at what point he really falls in love with her, however, I have an idea of when in my mind and I personally am okay with that idea.
     What I really want to know is a Christian Prequel to Fifty Shades of Grey and the relationships he had with Layla or any of the "15" for that matter. Get a taste of what Christian Grey was like in the "Red Room of Pain" before Ana. Not to mention the fact that Christian's inner turmoil in my opinion would make for a rather dark story and until he steps into the light and gives into loving Ana, I am not so sure the story gets much lighter.  Christian's light is not found until the very end of Fifty Shades Freed when he becomes truly happy with the path that he and Ana are on with the baby on the way. The Epilogue really completed the story and proved to me that Christian was really capable of coming out of his darkness. 

     I also think a prequel would help explain Christian's emotions towards Ana from the beginning. Christian'z actions with Ana in the "Red Room of Pain" show me that he feels deeper for her from the very beginning because most Dominants do not bed their submissives in the course of a song or two. Play can last for hours and Christian has difficulty controlling himself and his need/desire for Ana and play is quickly escalated. Christian makes every "Red Room" encounter about Ana's pleasure and little to do with his own.
     Now only Christian and E. L. James have the real answers to who Christian really is, but I think that if you open your mind to the fact that things really are different for Christian when it comes to Ana, you will see that pressuring and begging Ms. James into writing Christian's POV might not be necessary.
Next time you want to read Christian and Ana's story, before you start read Christian's Epilogue of the first two Ana encounters, you will see that his emotions are changing before he even steps foot into the hardware store.

    Please feel free to comment with your own opinions. I am very curious as to why you want to read The Fifty Shades Trilogy from Christian's Point of View. 

Until we meet again you can find me on TwitterFacebook, and GoodReads.

Haven't read The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy? Check out your favorite e-reader website and get to it. :-)! 

*Laters Baby*
Zoey D.


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